What we offer

snapCX has built & deployed webservices (or APIs) which serves to our retail customers. These APIs are deployed on Amazon AWS infratructure for scability & stability. We offer different solutions with in same developer account.

Shipping Tracking status

Super fast shipping tracking status for orders, irrespective which carriers you use.
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Address Validation and Correction

Validating shipping address is important to avoid any delivery problems.
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Zipcode details

Simple webservice endpoint (and this one is FREE) to get zipcode details or reverse lookup using city & state.

Upcoming solutions..

Our team is working on adding new services using same infrastructure and same terms. Something like sales tax calculations


Every API plan comes with FREE features

Plugin for your platform.

We don't stop at building APIs. We also provide plugins for popular shopping platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify.
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API explorer

Wants to test out or troubleshoot your API key (aka user_key), head over to API explorer section in our documentation portal. Here..

SDKs and more to come...

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Awesome core features

Super easy setup

We have made it incredibly easy to be up and running in just a couple of minutes. You open free account, retrieve private key and install plugin. Or use SDK provided by us.


Our pricing plans starts with FREE plan. Open simple 2-minute account and test drive any api forever. Even if you exeeds your free plan limits, you pay very little for overage.

One account to rule all

Yes, only one account, and one private key for any use. Use same private key any number of channels or different websites. We measure hits for your private api key, irrespective of source.

Lightning fast

Our robust system can process your request in a blink of an eye! We have engineered our solution from the ground up for performance and stability. Learn more..

High Availability

We use enterprise level hosting of apis in clustered environment. We use best in class amazon (aws) infrastructure for high availability and security.


Our developer portal provides detailed analytics of your API usage. So you can analyze your demands pattern and decide on best strategy. Log in to your developer account to check it out.

SNAPCX APIs are simple and lean for your commerce platform needs

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