Certified, Real Time and Quick Address Validation for customer addresses

Save time, annoyance and money by validating your customer's shipping address real time. We use certified USPS product to provide you simpler & easy to understand JSON responses. Our testing shows results less than 250 msecs. Hence it's seemless integration with your online platform with-out any noticible delay. Prices for same service by other providers is upto 10 times expensive and contractual. Open hassle-free account with us, to test drive this API for free.

address validation

Core features of Address Validation API

Ultra Fast and always available

Deployed on Amazon cloud, multi instance environment. Not only 99.99% available, it's fast due to load balancing. Service is scalable upto 1000 TPS. See API performance status.

Not only validations but corrections too

We use USPS provided solutions to check input address. Along with that, if address has multiple matches, same matches are returned to you. Why bother decipering complex return codes of address matching system. We also provide three simple outcomes for your integration needs. (also original codes are returned for completeness)

Simple JSON response, Use your own label.

Every integration has different needs. That's why we kept API response simple and JSON format. Feel free to integrate any part of your online store. And use own label. Yes, you can RESELL too. Experiment in API Explorer to get better understanding.

Maintenance Free

We automatically update our database with new changes. We constantly do testing to make sure, our results are accurate and better than our competitors. For you it's one time integration and opening FREE account to begin with.

SNAPCX APIs are simple and lean for your commerce platform needs

Take it for a spin. Opening account is completely FREE to begin.