Frequently Asked Questions

We keep this list updated as we get questions from our customers. We hope, it answers most of your questions. And you can always send us message using our Contact Us page

[API] What is expected response time of API calls

We deploy on world class cloud servers. (Amazon AWS). Our architecture involves running multiple instances for load balancing and reliability. Also we use latest architecture and tools to keep response time to minimal. Net response time depends upon your location. We have see response times in our testing from 25msecs to 200 msecs (1 msec = 1/1000 of second).

[Integration] Can I use AJAX to invoke APIs

Technically, answer is YES. As it is simple API endpoint, responding in JSON (or XML) data payload. To invoke any API, you need to have your user_key (your private key). Only caveat is, don't make AJAX call directly from public website to our API end point, as you will end up exposing your private api key to world. It's better to use provided plugin or SDK. Refer our integration guides & plugins page for more recipes

Is there any Trial Offer?

Yes. For both shipping tracking and address validations, we provide trial periods.
Check their pricing plans to know number of trial days.
And NO CREDIT CARD needed to sign up for trials. And of course, any plugin for your shopping platform is always free to install.

[API] What are supported output formats for API call

By default, response will be in JSON format. But by providing appropriate header "Accept: application/xml" Data schema is same for whether it is JSON or XML.

Is there any kind of fees for opening account?

Simple answer is NO. No setup fees, No initiation fees. No bullshit. And opening account is FREE. You can subscribe to any service in your developer dashboard. We won't sneak in any cost to you.

[API] Can I change API plan and How?

Yes, you can change your plan any time. We will pro-rate (whether charging more or less) your monthly Bill.
  • Log in your developer account on our website.
  • Click on Subscriptions
  • Select on subscription, which you want to change.
  • Click on 'Review/Change' link to upgrade and downgrade.
  • You can select from available options.

Works as advertised, had a question and got a rapid reply from the dev guys..

Made with Precision

Made with Precision

All APIs are running with optimized enterprise java code which has been optimized to meet SLAs every single request.

I was looking to embed tracking on my customer's order page. It plugin, let me replace existing one and let me do own look n feel change. It seems to be faster than native pop ups. Best of luck!!

Looking for FAQs around billing and pricing?

See pricing FAQ here

SNAPCX APIs are simple and lean for your commerce platform needs

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